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Welcome to Ramesh Textiles



Achieving Milestones, Rung by Rung

Our textile industry took its first flight in 1976 when Mr. Ramesh Samria laid the foundation of Ramesh Textiles and commenced the production of greige fabric with 8 pioneering looms.
In 1992, we acquired India's inaugural raising machine following the initiation of global market access for imports by our Prime Minister, leading to the onset of Flannel Fabrics production.
With perseverance, relentless efforts, and an unfettered vision, the business received its first opportunity to blossom worldwide through our first export order in 1998.
2015 proved to be our golden year as we diligently achieved the best prize in the Garments & Textiles sector, the National Productivity and Innovation Award.

With an annual turnover in the millions of dollars, we have achieved a leading position in the home textile sector. Our team of over 800 employees is dedicated to supplying quality products to clients in more than 15 countries.

Why Join Hands With Us?


Robust Material

We strive to offer products that are durable, premium, and resilient.


Array of products

From blankets to beddings, we are your one-in-all solution.


Made In India

We take pride in being an exemplary Indian brand.


Extremely Soft Fabrics

Embrace the plushy and warm fabrics


State-of-the-art technology

Our cutting edge machineries ensure effective and efficient production.


Holistic Global Presence

We’ve joined forces with various brands across the globe since 1998.


Across Oceans and Over Mountains

Ramesh Textiles is not just a name; it’s a universally renowned brand. Along with capturing the big sharks, we are diligently endeavoring to tap the untouched markets.

Do not hesitate to contact us